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What is Christianity? What do Christians believe? And why do they believe it, especially given all the other religious and secular viewpoints? Listen to the “Christianity” podcast to learn more.

Understanding The Two Trees In The Garden

In the center of the Garden of Eden, there were two trees. Now, we usually think of the tree that prompted man’s fall – the tree of the knowledge of “good and evil.” But there was another tree nearby, which Scripture calls the “Tree of Life.” Click to listen and learn more.

The Wise Men And The Christmas Star

There is a villain in the Christmas story – a villain named Herod. Who was this man Herod, and what did he do that was so bad? Also, what was the Christmas Star and who were the Wise Men? Click to listen to this timely sermon from Luke 2.

Original Sin: Is Man Born Good, Bad, Or Neutral

Original sin – is it true? Is man born good, bad, or neutral? In other words, does the Bible say that we come into this world innocent, wicked, or as a spiritual free agent? The Apostle Paul taught on this topic at length – click to learn what he said in Romans 5.

John The Baptist: His Question From Prison

“Are you the Messiah, or should we expect another?” Given who John the Baptist was, why would he ask this question of Jesus? What was going on in his heart and mind, and how would Christ respond? Click to listen to this encouraging sermon from Matthew 11.

The Perfect Storm: When Life’s Waves Crash Down

When the storm hit, the sailors were exactly where Jesus had told them to go. But how can that be if He loved them so much? Storms happen. And sometimes God puts you right in their midst. But He does not leave you alone! Click to listen to this encouraging study of Matthew 14.

A Reason To Believe (Faith in God and Scripture)

Belief or disbelief – either choice comes with reasons. What are yours? If you believe in God (or if you don’t) you may be expected to give a reason for those views. But not everyone can. In this sermon, we consider some reasons for faith in God and His book.

Make A Joyful Noise (Even When Life Is Hard)

Have you had a bad week? A bad month? A bad year? If so, how do you respond when God’s word says to “make a joyful noise?” How do you respond with praise, when you are unhappy or depressed? How can you be joyous, when it seems like God is so far away? Click to hear the Bible’s own response to this question from Psalm 100.

The War Of The Worldviews

Wars begin with words. It is words that shape our opinions and outcomes – words, semantics, and definitions form our “worldview.” But where do these words come from? And are their sources reliable? Click to learn more in this sermon on “The War Of The Worldviews.”

In These Last Days

Are these the last days? According to the author of Hebrews, yes. But in these last days, we are not left alone. In these last days, we do not have to guess about God’s plan. And that’s because in these last days, God has spoken through His Son.