Monthly Archives: February 2021

Peter & Paul: Crisis In The Church (Galatians, Week 4)

Paul was angry with Peter – he rebuked him to his face. But do you remember why? The reason is extraordinarily significant. Click to learn more about this crisis in the early church, in this sermon from Galatians 2.

Amazing Grace: Gospel To Gentiles (Galatians, Week 3)

The Israelites and Gentiles had a violent history. The Gentiles had long oppressed the Israelites. There was great hatred and animosity between them. And yet, in God’s time, the Gentiles were to be engrafted into His family. This was amazing grace! But it wouldn’t come easy. Click to listen to Week 3 of our series in Galatians.

The Preparation Of The Apostle Paul (Galatians, Week 2)

Don’t like the message? Attack the messenger. When our predecessors didn’t like the Biblical message, that’s what they did. Prophets, apostles, even Christ himself – all died because of what they had to say. Join us for Week 2 of our study in Galatians.

Are You Saved By Works, Faith, Or Both (Galatians, Week 1)

What is the Book of Galatians all about? The Book of Galatians was an epistle written by the Apostle Paul that contains some of the strongest and most critical statements in all of Scripture. Specifically, it talks about the way that you and I are saved. Click to learn why Galatians is so important (and so relevant) to us this day.