Monthly Archives: November 2020

A Reason To Believe (Faith in God and Scripture)

Belief or disbelief – either choice comes with reasons. What are yours? If you believe in God (or if you don’t) you may be expected to give a reason for those views. But not everyone can. In this sermon, we consider some reasons for faith in God and His book.

Walking On Water: When Life’s Waves Crash Down

When the storm hit, the sailors were exactly where Jesus had told them to go. But how can that be if He loved them so much? Storms happen. And sometimes God puts you right in their midst. But He does not leave you alone! Click to listen to this encouraging study of Matthew 14.

Make A Joyful Noise (Even When Life Is Hard)

Have you had a bad week? A bad month? A bad year? If so, how do you respond when God’s word says to “make a joyful noise?” How do you respond with praise, when you are unhappy or depressed? How can you be joyous, when it seems like God is so far away? Click to hear the Bible’s own response to this question from Psalm 100.

Cremation Or Burial: What Does The Bible Say

Is cremation biblical? In 1960, only 4% of Americans were cremated. As of 2020, that number is 52%. Clearly, cremation is considered a viable option for those planning ahead. With that said, what does the Bible have to say on this topic? You may be surprised.