Monthly Archives: June 2022

The Omniscience (Knowledge) Of God

God is ALL KNOWING. He knows EVERYTHING. God knows everything that is, and everything that could be. He does not learn new information successively – He knows it all simultaneously. Join us for Week 2 of a three week series on God’s attributes.

The Omnipotence (Power) Of God

God is ALL POWERFUL. That means NO ONE OUTRANKS HIM. No one can frustrate His purposes. Not me, not you, and not the kings or corporations of this age. Join us for Week 1 of a new three week series on God’s attributes of omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence.

Grow Up: It’s Time To Take Your Faith Seriously

YOUTH is fleeting, but IMMATURITY can last forever. If you’re still swimming in the shallows of your faith, it is time to dive deeper. It is time to take ownership of what you believe. It is time to stand on your faith and act accordingly. Click to learn more.