Exodus: The Burning Bush

In Exodus 3, God met Moses in the form of a ‘burning bush. ‘What are we to make of this theophany? And what did God tell Moses at this time? In this week’s sermon, we consider the great “I AM” statement and the commission that God gave to Moses (to rescue His people from bondage).

Exodus: God, Moses And Pharaoh

This is Week 1 in our new 10 Week Series on Exodus. Join us as we learn about the birth of Moses, the death of the Israelite children, and the hope for future deliverance (from the evil hands of Pharaoh).

Into The Darkness Has Come A Great Light

Darkness hates the light.

If you turn on the lights in a dark room, everything becomes visible. That’s what light does – it reveals things. With that said, when Jesus Christ (the light of the world) came into this world, the world rejected Him. The world did not want the light that He brought. In today’s sermon from Matthew 4, we’ll consider some of the reasons why.

New Year: Strength And Sanctification In 2023

2023 is here. Last year is gone. Act accordingly.

In Philippians 3, the Apostle Paul said that he was going to forget the past, and push forward to what lay ahead. Paul saw life as a ‘race,’ one that he was committed to running well. What about you? What is your objective for the new year? And how will you reach it? In this sermon, we will consider Paul’s exhortation to the church in Philippi – that they grow stronger and more sanctified in the time to come.”I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 3:14

Ezekiel: Hearts Of Stone, Hearts Of Flesh (Week 8)

Which is harder, creating NEW LIFE, or regenerating a DEAD HEART? The hearts of Ezekiel’s contemporaries were stony. They were dead in their sins and trespasses. They were spiritually flat-lining. So what did they need? The same thing we all need – regeneration. Click to learn more.

Ezekiel: The City Of Tyre And The Serpent (Week 7)

Pride comes before the fall. It was true of the CITY OF TYRE, and it was true of THE DEVIL as well. In today’s study of Ezekiel 26-28, we see the destruction of the island kingdom of Tyre. We also see a unique reference to the fall of the devil. Both were guilty of similar sins! Click to learn more.

Ezekiel: False Prophets And Dead Prophets (Week 6)

History is filled with false prophets, false teachers, wicked Pharisees, and all manner of religious charlatans. Why would the modern church be any different? Spoiler alert: it’s not. Click to learn about God’s judgment on false teachers from Ezekiel 13.

Ezekiel: God’s Glory Departs The Temple (Week 5)

In Ezekiel 10, God’s glory LEFT the building. Destruction followed. But why did this happen? The people had turned their back on God, and turned toward idols. They had defiled His house. And because of that, Ezekiel had a vision of God’s glory leaving the temple. Would He ever return?