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Exodus: The Passover Night (The 10th Plague)

Across the course of the first nine plagues, all of Egypt’s gods had proven worthless – the God of Israel had brought plagues upon the very things those gods were supposed to protect. And yet, Pharaoh had learned nothing. His heart had only grown harder. However, the 10th plague would break his spirit and take his son. Following the events of the Passover night, God’s people would be set free. And in the implementation of the Passover meal, a neon arrow would point forward to the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. Click to listen to today’s sermon on the “passover” from Exodus 12.

Exodus: The Ten Plagues Of Egypt

In Week 4 of our new series, we review the ‘ten plagues of Egypt. ‘Why did God send these plagues? Why did it take more than one (let alone ten) before Pharaoh let God’s people go? And what was God’s reason for ‘hardening Pharaoh’s heart?’ Click to learn more.

Exodus: Let My People Go!

In Exodus 5, God was not messing around. He was clear in His decree to Pharaoh – “let My people go.” However, Pharaoh resisted. He ignored God’s messenger (Moses) and he rejected God’s demand. In fact, He began to oppress the people even worse. This was not going to end well for Pharaoh!

Exodus: The Burning Bush

In Exodus 3, God met Moses in the form of a ‘burning bush. ‘What are we to make of this theophany? And what did God tell Moses at this time? In this week’s sermon, we consider the great “I AM” statement and the commission that God gave to Moses (to rescue His people from bondage).