Monthly Archives: August 2021

Stand Fast In The Lord (Philippians, Wk. 8)

Will you stand tall if you face opposition? Standing is easy when there are no forces acting against you. It is harder when you are being pushed or pulled contrary to your will.

Click to listen to Week 8 in our study of Philippians.

Citizens Of Heaven (Philippians, Wk. 7)

This world is NOT your home. You may think it is – but in the larger scheme of things, it is absolutely not. It is a short stay. It is a temporary pit-stop on an eternal highway.

Click to listen to this reminder that the Christian’s “citizenship” is in Heaven.

Your Past, Present, And Future (Philippians, Wk. 6)

Your future IS better than your past. There IS hope on the horizon. That’s the message of the Apostle Paul in Philippians 3, when he talks about “pressing on” toward an encouraging future – no matter how bad your past has been. Click to listen to our latest study in the Book of Philippians.