Monthly Archives: August 2020

Light And Hope In This Present Darkness

This is an increasingly dark and despairing world. In the midst of this present darkness, the world needs light, and not just more shadow! But where is that light going to come from? Will it come from you? Or has your life grown dark as well? Click to hear more in this convicting study of Christ’s words in Matthew 5.

A Vision Of Heaven, And A Thorn In The Flesh

The Apostle Paul was given a vision of Heaven. He was also sent a “thorn in the flesh.” What were these (very different) things all about? What was God doing in Paul’s life, and what may He be doing in our own? Click to learn more.

The Gates Of Hell: How They Are Overcome

This wicked cave in this wicked region was known as Hell’s gate – the path to the underworld. This was the “red light district” of Christ’s time. And yet, it was here that Jesus deliberately traveled, in order to teach His disciples. Click to hear what Jesus said about Hell’s gates, and what will ultimately prevail against them.