Monthly Archives: September 2020

Can You Lose Your Salvation?

Are you in danger of “losing” your salvation? Are you one sin or one bad day away from being cast from God’s presence? If you’ve ever wondered these things, then this sermon from John 6 may provide some answers. Click to listen.

Patience In A Perplexing Age

Masks, viruses, politics – there are a lot of issues out there, capable of dividing one another. It may get worse in the months ahead. The debates in the world around us are tearing at the social fabric. Don’t let it happen in your marriage, family, or church. Click to hear more.

A Storm Is Coming

There is a storm on the horizon. There is a storm coming that will leave no man, no institution, and no nation untouched. It is a storm that all other storms point forward to. What will you do when it arrives? Click to learn more in this sermon from Matthew 7.

Persecution: The Apostles On Trial

The Gospel, when faithfully preached, will be opposed by a world that hates it. And that opposition may be fierce. But how are we to respond to the world’s barbs and persecution? Click to learn more in this encouraging sermon from Acts 5.