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What is the Book of Exodus all about? In this series, we’ll consider the miracles and stunning events by which God brought His people out of Egypt. In the process, we’ll read about the plagues, the Red Sea crossing, the giving of the 10 Commandments, the creation of the Ark of the Covenant, and much more.

The Death And Final Days Of Moses

The Death And Final Days Of Moses

On many occasions, Moses went up a mountain to meet with God. In Deuteronomy 34, he would do so once again – but this time, he would not return. What can we learn from the death and final days of Moses? That will be the focus of today’s study.

Questions That We’ll Answer:

A) How old was Moses when he died? What was his health like?

B) Who buried Moses? And where is he buried to this day?

C) What did Moses see from the mountain prior to his death?

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Toby B. Holt

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