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Contend and defend for the Christian faith.

The Lasting Legacy Of Abraham (Galatians, Week 5)

People are quick to believe lies. “O foolish Galatians – who has bewitched you?” This was the question that Paul had. He wanted to know who had misled his friends in Galatia. And then he reminded them of the truth of the Gospel, using Abraham as an example. Click to listen to this fascinating study of Galatians 3.

Original Sin: Is Man Born Good, Bad, Or Neutral

Original sin – is it true? Is man born good, bad, or neutral? In other words, does the Bible say that we come into this world innocent, wicked, or as a spiritual free agent? The Apostle Paul taught on this topic at length – click to learn what he said in Romans 5.

A Reason To Believe (Faith in God and Scripture)

Belief or disbelief – either choice comes with reasons. What are yours? If you believe in God (or if you don’t) you may be expected to give a reason for those views. But not everyone can. In this sermon, we consider some reasons for faith in God and His book.

The War Of The Worldviews

Wars begin with words. It is words that shape our opinions and outcomes – words, semantics, and definitions form our “worldview.” But where do these words come from? And are their sources reliable? Click to learn more in this sermon on “The War Of The Worldviews.”

In These Last Days

Are these the last days? According to the author of Hebrews, yes. But in these last days, we are not left alone. In these last days, we do not have to guess about God’s plan. And that’s because in these last days, God has spoken through His Son.

Can You Lose Your Salvation?

Are you in danger of “losing” your salvation? Are you one sin or one bad day away from being cast from God’s presence? If you’ve ever wondered these things, then this sermon from John 6 may provide some answers. Click to listen.

Persecution: The Apostles On Trial

The Gospel, when faithfully preached, will be opposed by a world that hates it. And that opposition may be fierce. But how are we to respond to the world’s barbs and persecution? Click to learn more in this encouraging sermon from Acts 5.

The Gates Of Hell: How They Are Overcome

This wicked cave in this wicked region was known as Hell’s gate – the path to the underworld. This was the “red light district” of Christ’s time. And yet, it was here that Jesus deliberately traveled, in order to teach His disciples. Click to hear what Jesus said about Hell’s gates, and what will ultimately prevail against them.

Partiality In The Priesthood And Pulpit

Pastors are not supposed to show partiality – not in what doctrines they teach, and not in who they teach those doctrines to. In Malachi’s day, this was a problem. The priests were showing partiality to specific teachings and specific people. And God was angry! Click to learn more.

Jacob I Have Loved, Esau I Have Hated

You don’t love us. That was the cry of the people against their God. And yet God, did love them – and there was a lot of proof of that love, if they were to just look around. God loved Israel with a unique, abiding, special love – a love that was not granted to His enemies. That love exists for you as well, as a child of God. Click to hear more.