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What is Christianity? What do Christians believe? And why do they believe it, especially given all the other religious and secular viewpoints? Listen to the “Christianity” podcast to learn more.

Job: God’s Response To Job’s Questions

Job was HURTING and CONFUSED. He asked God a lot of questions – and that was OK. But what’s NOT OK is questioning God’s wisdom, as if God is doing the wrong thing. Well, in Job 28, God responded to Job. Click to learn more.

Job: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies

Friends should COMFORT us, right? Friends should ENCOURAGE us! But what happens when our friends accuse us or make us feel worse? In Job 3, that’s just what Job’s friends did. They made him feel worse. Join us for this sermon as we consider Job’s response.

Job: When You Don’t Understand Why

WHY did something terrible happen to you? WHY are you hurting? WHY is life going the way it is going, if a GOOD GOD is in charge? These are timeless questions – in fact, they were the very questions that Job asked centuries ago. But are there answers? Click to be encouraged.

Job: The Lord Gives, The Lord Takes Away

Job was GOOD. Job was RIGHTEOUS. And yet, Job suffered HORRIBLY. What is the Book of Job all about? Why did God permit this godly man to go through so many trials? And what does this mean for us? Click to learn more in this intro to our new series.

How Long O Lord: The Cry Of Hurting People

HOW LONG, O LORD? That was the cry of the prophets. That was the cry of the apostles. That was the cry of the martyrs. How long? When we see injustice or suffering, it offends our sense of right and wrong. And so we wonder WHEN IT WILL END. Click to learn more.

The Omnipresence (Presence) Of God

God is ALWAYS THERE. There is NO PLACE YOU CAN GO where God is not present. That’s part of the job description of being God – His jurisdiction has no bounds. Join us for Week 3 of a three week series on God’s attributes of omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence.

The Omniscience (Knowledge) Of God

God is ALL KNOWING. He knows EVERYTHING. God knows everything that is, and everything that could be. He does not learn new information successively – He knows it all simultaneously. Join us for Week 2 of a three week series on God’s attributes.

The Omnipotence (Power) Of God

God is ALL POWERFUL. That means NO ONE OUTRANKS HIM. No one can frustrate His purposes. Not me, not you, and not the kings or corporations of this age. Join us for Week 1 of a new three week series on God’s attributes of omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence.

Grow Up: It’s Time To Take Your Faith Seriously

YOUTH is fleeting, but IMMATURITY can last forever. If you’re still swimming in the shallows of your faith, it is time to dive deeper. It is time to take ownership of what you believe. It is time to stand on your faith and act accordingly. Click to learn more.