Mustard Seed (This Is How The Church Grows)

Mustard Seed (This Is How The Church Grows)

Mustard seeds are small. But they don’t stay that way!

In Matthew 13, Jesus shared the parable of the ‘mustard seed’ in describing the kingdom’s growth. Mustard seed start small. But in time, they grow upward and outward. Now, who did Jesus share this parable with? He shared it with a smattering of disciples on the shoreline. They were few. But fast forward to our day, and the kingdom now fills the entire planet (2.38 billion professing believers).

Questions That We’ll Answer:

A) What can local churches learn from the ‘mustard seed’ parable?

B) Is growth the church’s objective? What about transformation?

C) What should the church focus on in a time of cultural upheaval?



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