Matthew: The Betrayal At The Last Supper

Matthew: The Betrayal At The Last Supper

In Matthew 26, Jesus sat down. His betrayer joined Him.

In today’s study, Jesus sat down for what we call the ‘Last Supper,’ with His betrayer seated just a few feet away. Our Lord had come to celebrate the Passover with His disciples, knowing this would be their last opportunity to do so. But He also knew the heart (and pending actions) of a man named Judas Iscariot.┬áIn today’s study, we’ll consider the high stakes of Matthew 26.

Questions That We’ll Answer:

A) Why did Judas betray Christ? What was his purpose and reward?

B) What doctrines did Jesus emphasize during the ‘Last Supper?’

C) What was about to happen next? What did Jesus expect to occur?

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