Revelation: When God Speaks

Revelation: When God Speaks

Revelation is the last book in the Bible.

However, the entire Bible is a revelation from God – and so is every molecule in the created realm. Every ounce of creation tells us something about the Creator. In today’s study, we’ll talk about the benefits of God’s revelation, and the consequences for ignoring what He has said.

Questions That We’ll Answer:

A) Why do people plug their ears to God’s Word?

B) If a society ignores God, who will they turn to instead?

C) What about our universities – if they reject divine revelation, what’s left?

Show Notes / Timestamps

00:02   Welcome (This Is Radio 3:16)

00:50   Chapter 1: Where Does Knowledge Come From

05:43   Chapter 2: Our Need For Something Better

13:54   Chapter 3: Garbage In, Garbage Out

20:59   Chapter 4: Divine Revelation

25:00   Broadcast End

Keywords: Epistemology, Special Revelation, Divine Revelation



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