Eternity: Levels Of Reward Or Punishment

Eternity: Levels Of Reward Or Punishment

Are there levels of reward (or punishment) in eternity?

In Dante’s Inferno, the poet described Hell as having ‘nine circles.’ Each circle corresponded with a different sin and degree of punishment. But is this a Biblical understanding? Does the Bible teach that different sins merit different punishments in Hell? And what does it say about ‘rewards’ in Heaven?

Questions That We’ll Address:

1) If our works don’t save us, then what eternal affect can they have (if any)?

2) When Jesus referred to ‘treasures in Heaven,’ what was He talking about?

3) Why did Jesus say that the people of Capernaum would face a more tolerable judgment than the people of Sodom (who were poster-children for God’s wrath)?


00:02   Welcome (This Is Radio 3:16)

01:03   Chapter 1: Introduction

06:00   Chapter 2: Different Sins, Different Punishment

13:07   Chapter 3: Earthly Deeds, Eternal Rewards

19:53   Chapter 4: Closing Thoughts

24:22   Closing / Outro

25:00   Broadcast End


Speaker: Rev. Dr. Toby B. Holt


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