Matthew: Emmanuel (Which Means God With Us)

Matthew: Emmanuel (Which Means God With Us)

The God who MADE YOU wants to be WITH YOU. Think on that.

The pagan gods didn’t work that way. These (false) deities kept the people at arm’s length. But our God wants to be close. He walked with Adam in the garden. He dwelt in the tabernacle and temple. He came to earth in the form of a babe. Our God is “Emmanuel” – He is “God With Us.” Join us for Part 2 of our study in the Book of Matthew.

Questions That We’ll Answer:

A) What is the difference between being ‘with’ or ‘for’ someone?

B) What did the Angel tell Joseph about Jesus?

C) What comfort do the Angel’s words have to the hurting?

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Toby B. Holt

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