Exodus: Moses In The Cleft Of The Rock

Exodus: Moses In The Cleft Of The Rock

Are you and I able to look upon God’s face? Why or why not? What about when we’re in Heaven – will we be able to look upon God then?

In today’s text, we’ll consider Moses’ request to see God’s face. And we’ll also consider God’s response, and how He safely tucked Moses into the ‘cleft in the rock.’

Questions That We’ll Answer: A) What did the ‘cleft in the rock’ typify? What was it all about? B) Why did God say He would not go with the Israelites in Exodus 33? C) Why was Moses so concerned by this? Why did they need God’s presence?

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Toby B. Holt

Church Website: www.fpcgulfport.org

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