Bible History: Rocks, Rebels & Ruin

Bible History: Rocks, Rebels & Ruin

Have you ever read about the “high places” in Scripture? Specifically, the places where idols were worshipped? In this study, we consider one of the high places, at a site called Tel Dan.

Tel Dan is located in northern Israel, and is the focus of some key events in the Book of 1 Kings. Modern tourists often visit this site as part of their extended itineraries. In this study, we will learn about Tel Dan, and about the pragmatism and poor judgment of a king named Jeroboam.

Topics: pilgrimage, tours of the holy land, divided kingdom, sins of Jeroboam, Rehoboam, 1 Kings 11, ordinary means of grace, sufficiency of Scripture, catholic church, protestant church, covenant theology, Bible study, devotional.

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